VelvetSky the Cheapest for Johannesburg to Cape Town

Date: 26 July 2011

VelvetSky, the newest entrant in the domestic low cost airline market, is currently offering the lowest airfares in South Africa for the Johannesburg to Cape Town route, with one-way tickets priced from R383.

Their tickets costing R383 are available for flights at specific times on Mondays to Wednesdays, the less popular days for travelling. For flights between Thursdays and Sundays, airfares start from R560.

Mango Airlines, SAA’s low cost domestic operator, runs periodic specials for the Johannesburg to Cape Town route, with tickets priced as low as R300. However, tickets at these specials Mango Airlines fares are only sold during 1-day-sales, and to take advantage of these specials, passengers must make their bookings on the specific days when the specials are running.