Kenya Airways Leasing Boeing 777-300ER

Kenya Airways, the national airline of Kenya, is excited to have received its first Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on lease from aircraft leading company GE Capital Aviation Services.

This aircraft is the biggest carrier in Kenya Airways’ fleet, and will provide the airline with a significant increase in passenger carrying capacity, decreased operating costs and the ability to increase its international offerings.

Kenya Airways has plans of expanding rapidly over the next ten years, and the new aircraft is central to these plans. It is a twin engine airline which provides passengers with unparalleled comfort, making it ideal for longer flights over greater distances.

The massive aircraft seats 400 passengers, including 28 business class passengers and 372 economy class passengers. It has a number of technologically advanced features including USB ports, power sockets and a state of the art in flight entertainment system.

Kenya Airways is set to receive two further Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on lease, further expanding its fleet.

With the recent Westgate Shopping Mall incident in Kenya which hit the international headlines, Kenya’s tourism market is likely to be affected, but the airline appears hopeful that their business will expand over the next few years, and that the demand from the local and international public will meet and exceed expectations, allowing for further growth.

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