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South Africa’s weird and wonderful adventures

For a variety of reasons South Africa has an extensive list of interesting adventures to choose from. On the cover of Dirty Boots, an adventure guide book for South Africa, it says over 100 adventures. When you first notice this you presume they mean over 100 different adventure companies but page to the activity index at the back of the book and start counting and too your surprise there really is more than a 100 different adventure activities to choose from.

The reasons behind this variety of activities lie mostly in South Africa’s varied geography, from mountains to oceans, deserts to thick forests and magnificent rivers and lagoons. The landscape creates an awesome playground for any keen adventurer. Another factor is the weather, think about it, if the Cape did not have the great summer winds would we have all the wind driven sports to choose from; Kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and blokart sailing.
What sets us apart from many other countries is the fact that we have real accessible wildlife so we can add activities to our list such as foot safaris, rhino tracking, elephant-back safaris and horse safaris.

Then there are activities that you would never expect to even find in South Africa, the one that stands out for me, is ice climbing. In the Drakensberg mountains during the winter it gets cold enough for some of the higher altitude waterfalls to freeze and there you are, you have a venue for ice climbing.

One of my favorite activities which is very unique to Cape Town, is a tour of the old underground water tunnels that use to take water from Table Mountain to the Castle, the activity is called below the surface, a great adventure for all ages with a historical and environmental significance.

So if you are looking for something interesting to do this weekend, go and browse the Dirty Boots website and I will guarantee you, that you will find an adventure that will fit your needs.

Agricultural Tourism in South Africa

A new wave of business tourists are coming to South Africa in increasing numbers, to learn from local farmers in the well established agricultural sector. The rise of agricultural tourism in South Africa has resulted in numerous tour operators putting together custom-made agricultural tourism packages.

Agricultural tourism was unheard of in South Africa in the past, but farmers from many countries have discovered that there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by visiting South Africa’s farms.

The Agricultural sector in South Africa is very technologically advanced, and there are a large variety of areas in which we are the world leaders, including grain, fruit, wine and organic farming.

It is a well known fact that South Africa exports a large amount of fruit and fruit juices, which can be found in supermarkets in Europe and North America. It is a common gripe among South Africans that so-called A-Grade fruit products are sent overseas, while South Africans are left with inferior products.

The agricultural tourism packages offered by many tour operators include a visit to a game reserve, ensuring that agricultural tourists also get a taste of the natural beauty and wildlife that the country has to offer.