TAM Airline Brazil Review

Date: 13 January 2013

We recently took a flight from Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro on TAM Airline, one of Brazil's largest carriers which provides domestic as well as international flights. TAM is part of the Star Alliance group of airlines.

Price: Although TAM is not a low-cost carrier, their airfares are reasonably affordable. We paid USD 300 for our one way domestic ticket during the December peak period, while some other carriers were charging USD 600 for the same route.

Customer Service: All of the airline's personnel were courteous and helpful, from the call centre agents to the check-in agents and the flight attendants. Most of the personnel are bilingual which makes things easier for non-portuguese passengers.

Efficiency: TAM's check-in process is extremely fast and hassle-free, with automated check-in terminals cutting down check-in time. Our flight departed and arrived promptly on schedule.

Overall Impressions: TAM is an excellent option for travel in and around Brazil.