Santaco Airlines

Santaco Airlines is the South African National Taxi Council's airline which offers flights from Johannesburg to Bisho in the Eastern Cape. It also offers flights from Cape Town to Bisho and from Johannesburg to Cape Town via Bisho.

Santaco offers passengers a convenient service through its network of taxi operators, by transporting passengers from the taxi rank to the airport. It provides passengers with a cost-effective alternative to the long bus ride between Johannesburg and Bisho and between Cape Town and Bisho.

They offer a no-frills service similar to South Africa's other low cost carriers, and they have gained popularity as the preferred way to travel to Bisho. For more information on Santaco Airlines and to book Santaco flights, visit Santaco Airlines' official website at

Santaco Airlines Travel Routes

  • Johannesburg to Bisho

  • Cape Town to Bisho

  • Johannesburg to Cape Town