Lufthansa Offers Wifi Internet on Flights

Date: 4 December 2012

Lufthansa, Germany's national airline, will be the world's first airline to offer wifi internet on all long-haul (intercontinental) flights.


This innovation will offer passengers the opportunity to use the internet for business or entertainment purposes during their flights. The internet speeds on offer will be extremely fast, and will be accessible to passengers using their laptops, tablets or internet-enabled cellphones.


The service will include certain free resources which can be browsed by passengers, while full internet access will require the payment of a fee.


The price for one hour of unlimited internet access will be in the region of 11 Euro's, while there will be a 24 hour flat rate of around 20 Euro's which passengers can pay for unlimited access during the entire duration of their flight.


This move is another innovation by the German airline, which was the first airline to introduce in-flight wifi internet on certain flights as far back as 2003.  Lufthansa currently has the largest internet-enabled fleet of aircraft in the world.