Brazil Visa for South Africans

A number of South American countries including Brazil do not require South Africans to have visas if they are visiting for under 90 days. 

This is aimed at facilitating tourism into South America, and makes it easier for South Africans to visit Brazil for the annual carnival.

The lack of visa requirements will also make it easier for South Africans to travel to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Thousands of travellers are already making their travel arrangements for the World Cup, as prices are likely to rise dramatically as 2014 draws closer.

Other South American destinations that do not require visas include Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. As with Brazil, travellers to these countries must be able to prove that they will be visiting for under 90 days, in order to be exempt from the visa entry requirements.

It is also critical for travellers to obtain the necessary vaccinations prior to entry to these countries, as they may be denied entry in the absence of vaccination certificates.  The required vaccinations include Yellow Fever, Tetanus and Malaria and can be obtained from most travel clinics.